In 2018 May Be Icc T20 World Cup Will Not Happen. Here Is The Reason Why

In 2018 may be ICC T20 World Cup will not happen. Here is the reason why

In 2018 May Be Icc T20 World Cup Will Not Happen. Here Is The Reason Why

The World T20 Championship is the 7th version one year from now is good to go to be rejected and pushed to 2020 as the best part countries will be occupied with two-sided responsibilities in 2018.

As indicated by exceptionally put sources in the ICC, the following release of ICC World Twenty2O may be held in 2020. Be that as it may, the scene is still in question.

‘Truly, the reality of the matter is that we are skipping with World T20 version in 2018. See, no scene was chosen. The essential reason is there are excessively numerous reciprocal arrangements occurring between member countries. It was impractical to plan the competition in 2018’, a persuasive ICC source informed PTI regarding the advancement.

Be that as it may, probably, the competition will return in 2020.

"Indeed, the competition will come back in 2020. It will host by South Africa or Australia. The other reason separated from the two-sided arrangement was that with excessively numerous ICC occasions on the iron block, the part countries were additionally of the view that it should have been divided out," the source said.

The past ICC World T20s have happened in 2007 South Africa, 2009 in England, 2010 in West Indies, 2012 in Sri Lanka, 2014 in Bangladesh, 2016 India.

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