Asia Cup Cricket 2023 Schedule Teams Venue and Live Stream


Asia Cup Cricket 2023 Fixtures Live Stream

From 2-17 September 2023


The highly anticipated Asia Cup 2023 is set to commence soon and cricket enthusiast’s excitement is doubled.  In this article, you will get the details of the complete Asia Cup Cricket Schedule 2023, including participating teams, match fixtures, and live streaming.

The Asia Cup 2023 schedule dates have been confirmed it will take place from the 2-17 September 2023. A significant number of teams participating in the Asia Cup 2023 are situated in the Asian region. We have provided all the official updates for the forthcoming Asia Cup 2023 below. 

2023 Asia Cup Cricket Schedule 

The Asia Cup 2023 is an annual event where numerous teams from Asia compete against each other to win matches. For instance, India has won this tournament seven times ever since it was first introduced. The 2023 edition of the Asia Cup will feature 50-over ODI matches, while T20 matches will be played within a 20-over timeframe. The organizer has also finalized the total number of participating teams which would be six. Check below for all the team names who are participating in the 2023 Asia Cup.

All matches in Asia Cup 2023 will follow a knockout format divided into groups. The best performer teams will lead to play in the qualifying round. The qualifiers will also participate in matches to secure their place in the semi-finals, which feature four teams. The Asia Cup 2023 grand finale will include two teams, who will compete for the coveted Asia Cup 2023 trophy. Organizers already decided on the match arrangement so there is no chance for any change. Check the full Asia Cup 2023 Schedule below.

2023 Asia Cup Cricket Live Stream

Event:    Asia Cup 2023
Authority: Asian Council
Edition: 16th
Dates: 2nd September 2023 to 17th September 2023
Year: 2023
Host by: Pakistan (Expected)
Team: Asian Countries Only
Format:    50 Overs

2023  Asia Cup Team List

The Asia Cup 2023 is set to feature 6 teams divided into 2 groups, each group consisting of 3 teams.

Group 1: Pakistan, India, Asia Cup 2023 Qualifier Winner team
Group 2: Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,  Afghanistan

Which country will host the Asia Cup in 2023?


According to recent reports, Pakistan is anticipated to host the Asia Cup Cricket 2023. However, the council is currently in the process of making a decision and the official host country for the tournament will be announced soon. Are you aware of the full Asia Cup Cricket Schedule 2023 with the host country and updates offered by the council? India faces a major hurdle if Pakistan hosts the event, due to their decision not to participate in the tournament held in Pakistan.

The Asia Cup 2023 host country has yet to be determined, leaving council members in a state of confusion. Despite the Pakistan Cricket Board's statement that the event could take place without India, it is simply not feasible. The participation of the Indian team is essential for the Asia Cup Tournament 2023 to occur. Thus, it poses a significant concern, and the council will soon take a final decision on the matter.


2023 Asia Cup Past Champions Country List by Match

Edition Year Host Country Winner
1 1984 UAE India
2 1986 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
3 1988 Bangladesh India
4 1990 India India
5 1995 UAE India
6 1997 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
7 2000 Bangladesh Pakistan
8 2004 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
9 2008 Pakistan Sri Lanka
10 2010 Sri Lanka -
11 2012 Bangladesh Pakistan
12 2014 Bangladesh Sri Lanka
13 2016 Bangladesh India
14 2018 UAE Bangladesh
15 2022 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
16 2023 Pakistan TBA


2023  Asia Cup Venue

The location for the Asia Cup Cricket Match Venue 2023 can be foreseen if Pakistan is selected as the host. Check the venues for all the matches below.

•    Karachi
•    Islamabad
•    Rawalpindi
•    Multan


Asia Cup Cricket Schedule 2023

Date Matches Venue Time (IST)
2nd September 2023 Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan Islamabad 2: 00 PM
3rd September 2023 India vs Pakistan Karachi 2: 00 PM
5th September 2023 Bangladesh vs Afghanistan Lahore 2: 00 PM
6th September 2023 India vs qualifying team Multan 2: 00 PM
8th September 2023 Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh Karachi 2: 00 PM
9th September 2023 Pakistan vs qualifying team Islamabad 2: 00 PM
10th September 2023 Super Four, Match 1 (B1 v B2) Lahore 2: 00 PM
11th September 2023 Super Four, Match 2 (A1 v A2) Multan 2: 00 PM
12th September 2023 Super Four, Match 3 (A1 v B1) Karachi 2: 00 PM
13th September 2023 Super Four, Match 4 (A2 v B2) Islamabad 2: 00 PM
14th September 2023 Super Four, Match 5 (A1 v B2) Lahore 2: 00 PM
15th September 2023 Super Four, Match 6 (B1 v A2) Multan 2: 00 PM
17th September 2023 TBC vs TBC, Final Karachi 2: 00 PM


How to watch Asia Cup Cricket 2023 Live Stream

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