Four Nations Approve 2023 Asia Cup Hybrid Model India in Trouble


Four Nations Approve 2023 Asia Cup Hybrid Model India in Trouble


India is in danger after all for the Nation's Approval for the Hybrid Model of Asia Cup 2023


All four Asian Cup teams—Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Nepal—approved the hybrid model, forcing India to reconsider its position in the Asia Cup 2023.

Najam Sethi, chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board's management committee, is reportedly taking a hard line on the Asia Cup and the World Cup 2023, putting India in a difficult position.

After receiving clearance from four countries, ACC Chief and Indian Board Secretary Jay Shah is left with "very few" options.

The initial stage of the hybrid model will take place in Pakistan, and the countries of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Afghanistan have all consented to participate.

Apart from Pakistan, other nations favor hosting the second phase in Sri Lanka; hence, there is a standoff between Dubai and Sri Lanka.

The PCB is hopeful that they will reach a conclusion by the end of the following week.

PCB has given two choices for the hybrid model. In the first choice, India's games will be played at a neutral location, while all the other games will be played in Pakistan. In another option, four group stage games in the first phase will be played in Pakistan. In the second phase of matches, India will play at a neutral venue.

According to the reports, the PCB has designated Dubai as an ideal neutral location for a mixed format. If the second stage of the Asia Cup is held in Dubai under this hybrid system, then PCB will receive a cut of ticket sales. On the other hand, if the neutral venue is any location other than the UAE, then PCB will face a financial burden.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has suggested a hybrid model that India may accept as a condition for Pakistan's participation in the World Cup.

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